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About Rob Tannenbaum


Fell in love with photography when I was just a little kid; to me it was - and still is -magic.


Started getting more serious about the craft in 1989 at Hofstra University and was blessed with some very knowledgeable professors. 


Got the photojournalism bug, had romantic dreams of flying off to distant lands, photographing conflict, famine and generally anything involving personal risk.


Thank goodness THAT never happened.


Landed a job with Newsday right out of college in 1994. Honed my skills working for five years with an incredibly talented staff of veteran photographers.


Met and fell for the most wonderful, loving, supportive woman in 1996,

only to leave her in 1999 for graduate school at the prestigious Ohio University School of Visual Communications.


Luckily, she waited for me.


Returned to New York and was hired as a photo editor for The Associated Press in 2001. 


Earned my Master of Arts in Visual Communications in 2003.


Hired for a dream job in 2005 as corporate photographer for the NASDAQ Stock Market, spending the next four years meeting and photographing executives of the most influential corporations in America, as well as numerous celebrities.


Fell in love a second time with the birth of our first daughter in 2005.


Fell in love a third time with the birth of our second daughter in 2008.


Found I was having more fun with portrait photography and photojournalism than my "real job."  


Took a step of faith to do family portrait photography on my own.


Loving every minute of it!