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"The reactions we receive when people see Charlotte's picture in our living room are priceless. I have to say that in addition to all of the wonderful and awesome comments about the picture most also shed a few tears. I still feel that way and I see the picture everyday. It is a moment in her life that was captured absolutely perfectly. Thank you so much!"

"I was at an advisory board meeting for Friends of Karen last night, and they went around and spoke about 'the incredible photographer' and they said that in all the years they have had relationships with photographers, no one has captured the expressions the way you did that evening.Thank you, obviously, for making such an incredible impression on such a fabulous organization! So thank you for being you!"

"Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! We just love the pics and can't wait for our next session with you."

"The pictures arrived on Wednesday and I immediately framed them and hung them on the walls. They look wonderful! Thank you so much. I hope we can do it again some day in the near future. Happy Holidays to you and your family!"